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Collabine (10th Anniversary Edition) (CD & Bundle)

$8.00 - $20.00

Damn, did you just feel that? That's right, because that was goddamn shotgun blast from the past right to your face piece! Remastered from their original mixed files all the way back from 2010 for your listening pleasures! This was the 1st OBM Full-Length and features some of the Undergrounds dopest collaborations including Saint Sinna, Menacide, GrewSum, Mars, Magnetik, Dark Half, BodyBag of Tha Morgue, Scum, Trips & Tali Demon! Holy smokes that's a hot lineup. Whatcha waiting for... another 10 years!?

Track List:

1. Unity
2. Melody Abuse (feat. Saint Sinna)
3. Misunderstood Minds (feat. Menacide)
4. Another Nightfall (feat. GrewSum)
5. Black Clouds
6. Paranoia (feat. Mars)
7. The Way I See It (MonkeyMix)
8. Respect 2.0 (feat. Magnetik)
9. Sacrifice (feat. Darkhalf & BodyBag)
10. Body Snatched (feat. Scum & Trips)
11. Own Worst Enemy (feat. Tali Demon)
12. Lights Out (feat. Magnetik)
13. There is No Happy Ending

"Reloaded Kit":

- Collabine (10 Year Anniversary Edition) (CD)
- Residence of Evil (Exclusive Bonus CD)
- OBM Decap (Holographic Sticker)
- Official OBM Trading Card #1 (Signed by OBM (Frank Ramminger) & Killy (Justin Parker))
- Specimen Bag

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