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Pizza Pop Series (6 Sticker Pack)


Welcome people and people! I am so fluckin' happy to present you with the Pizza Pop Sticker Series. I took some of your favorite childhood characters and smashed them up with some of my favorite horror icons. Let's keep this new venture rolling, shall we? Support!!!

- "The Elwood City Slasher" (2.3 in x 4 in)

- "Finding Clarice" (4 in x 2.8 in)

- "Chuckie Play" (2.3 in x 4 in)

- "Legendary Street" (4 in x 3.7 in)

- "Dreamland Things" (4 in x 3.7 in)

- "Do You Like Scary Games?" (3.4 in x 4 in)

***Attention my International folks. Sorry if it seems like you're getting the bone on this one, but I'm not gonna have you pay a premium shipping price for these. However, place a different order and these just might get included.***

Please allow 1-3 days for Processing and Shipping.